Create optimized websites with a professional agency

A website is an essential tool for the development and promotion of your business and your services.

We offer a service of creation of adaptive internet sites that effectively meet your desires and your vision. Get a unique and customized web site with WordPress or Joomla is our specialty!

Our web agency is positioned at the forefront of new trends in web design and web marketing . We offer platforms optimized for search tools that will make you stand out and attract new visitors.

Enjoy our WordPress monthly update service



We only accept projects that inspire us because it is the only way to do our very best.


Our response time will surprise you. We are not slowed down by endless committee or board meetings. We’re going straight to the point, without detours or procrastination.


When we accept a project we invest ourselves fully in it. We are proud of every project we deliver.


Creativity is our secret ingredient. Our creations stand out for their originality and give added value to your projects.


We are passionate about our work. We have fun doing what we do, and it shows!


We are available and easy to reach, and always be there when you need it. For us, it’s quality over quantity.

Fantastic graphic design
tailored to your marketing strategy

Corporate Image – logo – business card – Brochure – Flyer – Poster – Billboard – Photomontage – Web Banner – Newsletter – Packaging – Magazine, Book and Catalog Layout – and more.

An attractive business image, effective and congruent with your philosophy, ensures the success and continuity of your projects. Your visual identity is important to us.

Our design agency consists experienced graphic designers that will meet all your wants and needs in visual communication, advertising, graphic design and illustration.


Other services and skills

Our private coaching will give you the freedom to express your creativity. It will provide you with everything you need to know on how to manage your website, without needing to learn advanced programming techniques. Joomla and WordPress are easy and infinitely adaptable to your business needs.

This training is designed for those who wish to learn Joomla and WordPress, as well as for future website administrators who want to explore the basic features of these programs. We will guide you through the creation of your website and answer your questions, while sharing tips and tricks that will make you an effective webmaster.

Virtual Coaching also available through Skype

No need to be a techno wiz in order to communicate like a pro! You can now easily communicate with your clients without having to worry about software, spam and HTML.

In business, as in any community, the role of electronic communications is becoming increasingly important. Direct mail is an essential service that allows you to stay in touch with those who are interested in your products and services. It is an essential tool used to attract potential customers while keeping existing ones up-to-date.

Internet marketing should be fun and uplifting. We therefore offer a simple and pleasant way to send your newsletters. We can create original templates and send them regularly to your mailing list. If you’d rather be independent, we’ll teach you the how-to’s.

We also offer advertising graphic design services : catchy advertising images optimized for emailing format.

Having an online store is not rocket science. Thanks to online payment services like Paypal it is now easy to invite customers to pay by credit card, safely and without liability on your part. Whatever products and services you want to sell through your website, we can create a virtual store that will make your competitors jealous.

We will build the store of your dreams : mail orders, downloads (MP3, videos, PDF), trainings, conferences or consultations. And better yet: we can also teach you how to update it yourself.

Believe us: once you get a taste of it you will not be able to live without an eshop.

Translation, Revision, Copy-editing & Proofreading

Have a gem of a text, but you can only share it in French? Wrote a masterpiece in English but somehow it still needs some polishing?

Access a vast readership whose mother tongue is not French through quality English translations.
Whether it’s a website, brochure or your newest book, your English should reflect the quality of your ideas. Keep your reader’s attention on what matters most : coherent ideas expressed in a clear, error-free manner Your texts will be translated, revised, copy-edited and/or proofread quickly and efficiently, while guaranteeing the confidentiality of your documents.

Nothing reflects on you more than the quality of your text. What kind of first impression do you want to make?

Videos help your website visitors get to know you better by presenting you in an interactive way. They are an ideal way to enhance your website and presence on social networks.

Creating and publishing videos on the web has recently become easy. This is often the cause of blunders and missteps that can cost you lots if you’re not careful. We have all seen bad home videos online: the sound is breaking, the image is blurred and we see dirty laundry in the background. This is not professional and sends the wrong message, in spite of the good intentions behind it.

We offer video creation and editing services in order to give your website visitors the chance to know more about you. Our creations will be harmonized with your website, in order to ensure visual coherence and continuity.

We work on corporate and artistic projects, conferences, videos and blogs.


We are passionate about marketing, writing and anything web. We have been able to apply our skills and knowledge in our work for clients in various fields, helping them to better communicate with their own clients.

Our content writing service aims to maximize your search engine visibility, as well as attract new visitors to your website. We love seeing our clients’ satisfaction when we manage to synthesize their message into texts that bring them clients, collaborators, fans and…abundance.

Do contact us if you would like to maximize your web content impact. Together, we’ll find the words that tell and sell your message.

Ideal for:

  • Your website or blog
  • Publications: books, magazines, catalogs, articles
  • Advertising: flyers, posters, brochures





Our team is composed of intelligent and cultured individuals who have the sophistication needed to add that extra touch to your projects. This sets us apart from specialized web and graphic design technicians. Our ability to add depth and richness to your projects will seduce you.


Our team members are sensitive, intuitive and open. Energy workers, alternative medicine and personal development practitioners prefer to work with us because they feel understood.


Like the majority of our customers, we, at Champion Web, are self-employed. This gives us an advantage over the big agencies as well as no additional costs are added to our projects. Ultimately it is our customers who benefit form this!


Champion Web understands the power of community and directs its creative strategies towards it. Our team is composed of independent and unique individuals who collaborate, each with their own area of ​​expertise. Our work values ​​are focused on communion, trust and synergy : a well-coordinated team of friends who work together is a sign of creativity, dynamism and wealth.

Areas of expertise

We have developed areas of expertise that we favor, without excluding others, when it comes to investing ourselves in new projects. Our main areas of focus and expertise are : 

  • Personal Development

  • Energy Workers

  • Authors, speakers and teachers

  • Holistic Health

  • Spirituality and Consciousness

  • Literature, Philosophy and Thought

  • Coaching and Mentoring

  • Arts & Entertainment


At Champion Web, our customers are friends of our essence. We take care of their image as if it were our own. We give ourselves time to grow together because we understand that our work is a pretext to connect at a more subtle level. Here are some clients with whom we have had the privilege of working :

Jessica Côté
Lina Moros
Rayon Violet
Eros et Compagnie
École de chirologie
Johanne Lazure





  • Availability, creativity and talent qualify Nicolas Lehoux. Main qualities: very effective, high value added, creativity. Service Category: graphic / web developer. Year of our first collaboration: 2010 (used more than once since).

    Guy Hauray
    Président IPNC
  • I highly recommend Nicolas Lehoux for his creativity. Fast and versatile, Nicolas always beautifully illustrate my newsletters and website. My website, recently updated by Nicolas,  has gained clarity by its new layout. Always delighted by his innovations, I place all my trust in Nicolas for my marketing.

    Jean-Jacques Guyot
    Fondateur École de chirologie. Palmiste et Astrologue
  • We have worked with Nicolas for some years now for all our needs in graphic design (website, newsletter, advertising). Our experience, in a nutshell: excellent design, efficiency and timeliness. This is particularly important for us as we are a small team.

    André Provost
    Président Eros et Compagnie, Sex Shop Québec, Sex Toy Canada et +
  • Nicolas Lehoux offers a fast and safe service for everything related to websites, from design to maintenance. I recommend him without hesitation.

    Johanne Gravel
    Présidente Mandala Cuba
  • Competence, efficiency, integrity, these are the three words that come to mind when I think about Champion Web. And behind this, we have Nicolas Lehoux. I often thank him for his patience in answering my requests, his ability to present my material in a beautiful and aesthetical way, and his reliability. Nicolas, thank you very much. You are an important part of my professional success.

    Madeleine Girard Turgeon
    Directrice de l’École de Réflexologie Madeleine Girard Turgeon