Nicolas Lehoux

Nicolas Lehoux

Graphic et web designer

A Business Administration and Marketing graduate, I have been working in graphic and web design for more than twenty years. This practical experience, for private and corporate clients, allows me to effectively coordinate multiple tasks and successfully carry to term any project.

Independent and creative, I am known for my great intuition and sensitivity. I always find original and unusual ideas for complex situations. In my spare time I love to work on various personal projects: I am always editing a new video for my Youtube channel or looking for new ideas. Being creative and inspired is the most important thing for me this way I can give the best of me to my clients.

At Champion we think of web design as an art form. We are well aware of the strategic importance of websites for the development of a company and the manifestation of a Vision.

Our customers feel understood because our creativity and intuition are always going in the right direction. That is why we are able to develop long-term relationships and why they trust us for all other essential aspects of their image – graphics, advertising, videos, social networking, newsletters, etc.

We put community at the center of our creative strategy. We know that beyond work we need to have a rich and vibrant life. All members of our team are independent, self-employed, artistic individuals who have well integrated the meaning of SYNERGY.


  1. Have fun and feel inspired by the projects on which we collaborate.

  2. Provide added value to everything that goes through our agency.

  3. Be a source of inspiration and renewal.

  4. Be and remain at the avant-garde.

  5. Make no compromise.

For a professional and unique business image, think Champion Web!