Intelligent and attractive content that differentiate you from the competition.

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  • Your website or blog
  • Publications: books, magazines, catalogs, articles
  • Advertising: flyers, posters, brochures, copy-writing, pamphlets, posters, bookmarks, business cards, etc.

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Content Writing

The words that tell and sell

Writing about oneself and one’s services can be difficult. It is hard to come up with texts that don’t sound like bragging and thus lack credibility. One the other hand, being too modest leads to uninteresting and bland texts. That is where a content writer comes in: well-written texts are intelligent, attractive and set you apart from the competition. They inform and convince, tell and sell.

Nowadays, web content is crucial. One has to come up with intelligent, fun and inspired ways to create original texts that will attract and retain the visitors’ attention, while at the same time containing key words that will be detected by search engines.

Our content writing service aims to maximize your search engine visibility, as well as attract new visitors to your website. We love seeing our clients’ satisfaction when we manage to synthesize their message into texts that bring them clients, collaborators, fans and…abundance.

Do contact us if you would like to maximize your web content impact. Together, we’ll find the words that tell and sell your message.


Translation, Revision, Copy-editing & Proofreading

Have a gem of a text, but you can only share it in French? Wrote a masterpiece in English but somehow it still needs some polishing? Access a vast readership through quality English translations!

Whether it’s a website, brochure or your newest book, your English should reflect the quality of your ideas. Your texts will be translated, copy-edited and/or proofread quickly and efficiently, while guaranteeing the confidentiality of your documents.

Translation: Good translation is about conveying ideas accurately and clearly. Your text should read as well in English as in the French original. Revision: Do you already have an English text, but want to make sure it is the best it can be? Are your ideas clear? Are you using the appropriate language and syntax for your target audience? Is your text as inspiring and captivating as it should be? These factors are vital to keeping your readers engaged.

Copy-editing: Good copy-editing is what keeps your reader from being fatally distracted by errors in grammar, spelling and punctuation. Nothing is more likely to kill your reader’s interest than these unprofessional mistakes. Proofreading: Details, details… proper spacing, italics, capitalization – these, and more, are the final touches on a flawless text. The Record Changes option in Word is activated while editing. This allows you, the author, to view corrections and decide whether you want to accept them or not. It also allows the option for editorial comments.